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Container Refurbishment

Container Refurbishment

Here at Sellers we don’t just offer new made to order products, we also offer a comprehensive skip and container refurbishment service. There’s no job too big or too small, whether its just replacing parts or a full refurbishment we can offer competitive quotes for all your needs.

Our key priority on any skip or container refurbishment is to make the product safe for use. To this end our sales and technical team work closely together to ensure that each container is thoroughly inspected, and any parts deemed unsafe are brought to the buyers attention so that we can get their product back out on the road in top condition as quickly as possible.

We can refurbish any type of container or skip including Open Containers, Compaction Containers, REL’s, FEL’s, Recycling Banks or even 4 wheeled bins and even offer a container conversion service to turn those old enclosed or compaction containers into open tops or open tops into enclosed.

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