Front End Loader (FEL)

Sellers FELs incorporate a high level of design innovation. Our patented side hinged design prevents wind scatter of waste and offers an enlarged discharge orifice which negates waste bridging and guarantees complete emptying of the container. The side hinged design allows simple safe operation by filling staff no matter what their stature.

Our FELs are compatible with all UK lifting systems, they are supplied complete with fully lockable double skinned plastic lids.

The Side Hinged FEL container

  • Side hinged FEL containerThe 8 cu yd Side Hinged FEL is the company’s top selling container for Front End Loader vehicles and is protected by patent in the UK.
  • The design incorporates two plastic lids that are hinged on opposite sides of the container, and a steel top lid that is hinged along the top edge of the container.

The advantages of the SIDE hinged FEL:

  • Side hinged FEL containerReduction in wind scatter when emptying, as the lids create a chute for the waste to fall through
  • The lids are easier to open than the conventional top hinged type
  • The lids are easier to secure in the open position
  • Combined with the top lid, full aperture discharge is achieved alleviating the problem of waste ‘sticking’ and the requirement to shake the container
  • The side hinged FEL is also available in 4.5 cu yd and 6 cu yd capacities

The disadvantages of TOP hinged FEL:

  • Top hinged FEL containerWind scatter when emptying, no protection for falling waste
  • The lids are more difficult to open than our side hinged type, often steps are needed to safely open and secure lids
  • The lids are harder to secure in the open position
  • Waste ‘sticking’ becomes an issue along with the requirement to shake the container to ensure emptying – reduces container life



Skip FEL

Skip FEL

  • Plate thickness can be increased to 4mm.
  • Holes cut in each corner of the floor, or BSP sockets and plugs welded at the lowest point on the side plates.
  • When FEL is to be emptied using a skip vehicle.
  • As required by the customer, to give clear instructions to the user/consumer. Colours and logo details to be supplied by the customer.
    • Builders Skip Tech Draw