Rear End Loaders (REL)

The Rear End Load Containers are built for use with Rear End Load Vehicles but have lugs welded on for use with conventional skip vehicles too. Best suited for Light to medium loads for general waste collection where the load is to be held securely preventing wind scatter or scavenging.

Made up of 3mm sides, roof & rear plate with 4mm front end & floor plate with double skinned plastic lids fitted to front, Lids are double hinged and fold back onto the roof of the container when emptying. Lid opening handles supplied. These come fully welded inside and out and have Front stabilisers to prevent front end tipping forward if incorrectly loaded with a 35mm diameter skip tipping bar fitted as standard.





  • Holes cut in each corner of the floor, or BSP sockets and plugs welded at the lowest point on the side plates.
  • Double hinged steel lids in place of the front plastic lids.
  • Loose or retractable pins available in place of standard fixed pins.
  • As required by the customer, to give clear instructions to the user/consumer. Colours and logo details to be supplied by the customer.
  • Boat Skip Tech Drawing