Skip Lift Compaction Containers

Sellers manufacture a complete range of chain lift skips including a compaction unit. These compaction units can be interfaced with any hydraulic static compactor, and can be manufactured to be handled by any lifting system commercially available. Every compaction container we sell is provided with pins, tubes and elasticated sheet to cover the orifice.

Manufactured to CHEM standard these units are made using 3mm plate with sturdy uprights and cross members for extra strength. With a tipping bar at one end this comes fully welded and in a colour of your choice.


  • On either side of the container and/or the door, providing opportunity for company name, logo and phone number or type of waste to be collected.
  • To have the side flat rather than swaged.
  • As required by the customer, to give clear instructions to the user/consumer. Colours and logo details to be supplied by the customer.