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Refurbishments and Spares

Refurbishments and Spares

As time passes and your container ages, your containers will come across inevitable wear and tear.

From replacement parts to refurbishment and conversion work, and new parts and fixtures, we offer a range of services to improve the lifespan of your bins, skips and containers.


Sellers Spares

You may find that you do not need to fully refurbish your containers and are only in need of new parts and fixtures, where you can easily repair the container yourself.

Sellers Containers offers a full range of spares for all types of waste containers.

This service includes sale of container spares, including but not limited to, lifting hooks (bale bars), door hinges, labyrinth plates and catches, holdback loops, spare doors for RORO hooklift containers, stand-alone sub-frames, and a selection of rollers, both standard and polyurethane.

We can also provide skip spares, such as lifting lugs rope hooks or tipping bars for builder’s skips, spares for FEL and REL skips, including lids and lid kits, tolling roof roller kits, ratchet turnbuckles, and much more.

Please contact sales@sellerscontainers.co.uk for more information.


Refurbishments & Conversions

Sellers Containers offers a full refurbishment service for your bins, skips and containers.

Whether your containers or skips need a complete repair job, anything from cross members and sub-frames, to smaller fixes like top rails, rollers or bale bar replacement, or if your container just needs a quick fix to make it look better with a shotblast and repaint, we can do it all!

We also convert containers from open to enclosed containers with a range of roof options and convert compaction, and enclosed containers into open tops.

All products brought to us for refurbishment and conversion work are inspected by a dedicated refurbishment specialist before any work commences.

This service covers the refurbishment of any type of container or skip, including:

  • Open containers
  • Compaction containers
  • Builders skips
  • Rear End Loaders (REL)
  • Front End Loaders (FEL)
  • Recycling banks
  • 4-Wheeled bins

Collection and delivery, to and from site, is available if required.


Waste and Recycling Sacks

Sellers Containers is working in collaboration with our sister company, Vision Gelpack, to offer reams of waste and recycling sacks for our 4-Wheeled Bins and smaller commercial waste bins.

Vision Gelpack is a leading manufacturer of high-performance flexible packaging and polyethylene bags, with an outstanding track record for over 40 years.

Vision Gelpack offers a selection of products, including Cleaning and Hygiene Suppliers Association (CHSA) accredited waste sacks, United Nations (UN) certified healthcare and clinical waste sacks, recycling sacks, and more, available on a roll or flat packed.

Sellers Containers can hold stock of, and ship, waste sacks inside any of our products for our clients if required.

Please contact sales@sellerscontainers.co.uk for more information.


Can have inner compartment, dividing wall or shelf fitted as per customers requirements.

The Lamp Box can have load tested lifting lugs fitted for use with a crane lift.

As required by the customer, to give clear instructions to the user/consumer. Colours and logo details to be supplied by the customer.



  • Made to CHEM standard
  • Ideal for use in recycling & collection centres & for commercial hire

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