Bin Spares

With the continued integration of Sellers and Taylor as one company, the group is now working together in selling trade waste bins and their respective spares. With the popular demand of the Sellers 1100L E-Bin we have fabricated both the Sellers Lid and plastic centred castors as potential spares for this as detailed below.


  • Sellers Lid
  • Plastic Centred Castors
  • Sellers Lids

    This innovative rotary moulded, double skinned lid is water proof and extra strong. The lid lock plug can be removed for easy post fitting of a lid lock. Available in a range of colours.

    Alternatively see other lids available from our parent company Taylor.

    Sellers Lids

  • Plastic Centred Castors

    Seller are now selling Plastic Centered Castors.

    These come in sets of two Swivel Castors and two Brake Castors, which are fully EN840 compliant. With needle roller bearings, these castors are easy to maneuver and highly durable. Having a plastic center also makes them cheaper and lighter than metal centered alternatives, whilst retaining the same high standards of quality.

    Alternatively see other Castors available from our parent company Taylor.

    Plastic Castors