Container Spares

As time passes and your container ages you may find it in need of new parts, yet don’t feel it needs a full Sellers refurbishment. We can help by providing the spares you need so you can easily repair the container yourself.

We provide a large range of new parts for most containers and skips, with anything from rollers to doors and all else between.





  • Container Spares
  • REL Spares
  • FEL Spares
  • Other Spares
  • Logo Service
  • Popular Container Spares
    • 250mm x 168 Roller – shaft & oilite bushes
    • 200mm x 220 Roller – shaft & oilite bushes
    • Rope Hooks
    • Hydraulic Ram
    • Pump Handle for Hydraulic Roof
    • Ratchet Turnbuckle
    • Secondary Locking Pin
    • Retaining Pin & Chain
    • Single Door (15-40YD)
    • Double Doors (15-40YD)
    • Compaction Door (35YD)
    • Bale Bar
    • Door Hinges

  • Popular REL Spares
    • REL Plastic Lids
    • REL Steel Lids
    • REL Plastic/Metal Lid Chain
    • REL Plastic/Metal Lid Handle

  • Popular FEL Spares
    • Top Hinged Plastic Lids (Black or Coloured)
    • Side hinged Plastic Lids (Black or Coloured)
    • Top Hinged Lid Hinge Bar
    • Side Hinged Lid Hinge Bars
    • Top Hinged Lid locking
    • Side Hinged Lid locking

  • Other Popular Spares
    • Compaction Tubes & Pins
    • Compaction Sheet
    • Skip Lifting Lugs & Backing Plate
    • Skip Tipping Bar
    • A Frame Lock
    • Standard Sub Frame

  • Logo Service
      In addition to spares we also offer a full design and supply service for new logo’s, contact us for more details.