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Tipping Hoppers

Tipping Hoppers.

Go to our website and get book of ra online kostenlos. Hurry up to go and start winning. Sellers have taken the conventional tipping hopper to the next generation. Using the fork truck driver can now dispose of the contents in a safe manner, without leaving the cab, this feature has alleviated the Health & Safety issues experienced, and expressed to us, by our Customers’.

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The conventional tipping hopper has many industrial and construction applications. It’s compact size and manoeuvrability saves space and time in a busy workshop. The Auto Release Tipping hopper adds a level of safety to an already automated process.

The operation of the Auto-Release tipping Hopper is as follows:

When the front of the hopper comes in to contact with the container into which it is being emptied, or any other fixed edge, two spring loaded buffers release a locking hook allowing the full hopper to roll forward and empty its contents. The empty hopper will then roll back and automatically lock in the original position ready for reuse.

Full instructions for use are supplied with each hopper.

All hoppers are fitted with safety catches to prevent accidental tipping. A safety chain is fitted and used when the hopper is lifted, this is to prevent the hopper from sliding forward on the forks of the lift truck being used.

Castors can be fitted, giving the ability to move the hopper by hand to collect waste from several locations or to positions not easily reached by lift trucks.

Rope hooks may be added as an option to allow the hopper to be fitted with a plastic sheet cover.

Available in: 0.5 cu yd, 1cu yd, 1.5 cu yd and 2cu yd capacities.

Tipping Hoppers
Tipping Hoppers

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